Environmental Planning

The department consists of professionals from various disciplines in engineering, geology, urban planning, acoustics, geo-mapping, ecology, natural resource management and marine biology.

The department provides consulting and planning services, preparation of environmental impact assessments, environmental surveys for town planning plans, contaminated soil surveys, acoustic reports, air pollution reports, ecological reports, etc.

We work with government offices and various public bodies with full cooperation and good human relations.  


Products and Services

· Sustainability and Emission Management- Carbon Management consulting for 'Forum 15', use of recycled materials, recommendations for treatment of surplus soil etc.

· Waste Management- Guidelines for treatment of surplus soil, contaminated soil and construction waste. Accompanying of permits submissions, planning of waste rooms and rehabilitation of waste disposal sites.

· Environmental Impact Assessments- Accompanying professional planning teams towards EIA guidelines, preparation of the report and representation in committees and planning institutions.

· Acoustic Reports- consultation and recommendations for acoustic solutions, characterization of existing conditions, model based acoustic prediction, participation in coordination meetings with planning team.

·  Ecological Reviews- Planning of ecological corridors and water conveyors, consultation and recommendations as part of examining planning alternatives, preparation of tree survey reports, preparation of reviews, professional opinion reports and guidelines and planning provisions on demand and in accordance with the project.

· Contaminated Soil Surveys- Preparation of historical surveys (phase 1), writing sampling programs, supervising and accompanying on sites, writing recommendations for the release of a site, consultation on prevention and rehabilitation.

·  GIS- Creating maps, analyzing and mapping sites according to the project.

· Rehabilitation of Waste Sites- Characterizing the waste site, conducting tests for discovering biogas and leachates, examining site borders and preparing rehabilitation guidelines and provisions according to relevant characteristics of each site.

· Permits- Accompanying and submitting permits for discharge to rivers, shredding facility businesses licensing,  land clearance for authorized waste sites, wastewater management, dismantling asbestos, etc.