Selected Projects - Infrastructure and Environment

Conducting a Due Dilligence survey - Solbar Ashdod / Ashkelon plants.


A potential buyer of a pair Solber factories hired our services to carry out two environmental diligence of the plants to ensure that there are no additional environmental costs such as purchasing a system for initial treatment of wastewater, air filtration and pellet control, and more. The survey was conducted in English in favor of foreign buyers.

Green Line - Light Train Jerusalem


Preparation of an environmental impact report for analyzes of the environmental impact of the operation of an additional light rail line in Jerusalem. The survey includes reference to noise and vibration, air quality, radiation, ecology, drainage and more. We have been an integral part of the planning team and have provided solutions and guidelines to minimize the environmental impact of operating this line.

Eastern Section and Carlebach Station - Red Line Light Train NTA


Environmental management of the eastern section and the Carlebach station of the Tel Aviv light rail. Management of the environmental issues of the program's implementation, such as: planning and continuous monitoring of noise and vibrations resulting from the work, planning of a system of soil tests to classify the excavation coming out of the tunnels, managing the water desalination system for the implementation of the plan and more.

tunnel no. 1 of the Jerusalem express train line


Accompanying a TBM tunneling process of a pair of tunnels 3 km long each, including providing solutions to dry the dugout from the tunnel, purification of water used for work, solutions for the implementation of the concrete, supervision of a temporary concrete plant established for the project, Solutions to all environmental challenges while building the infrastructure.