Green construction is carried out with deep knowledge of local climate and other local characteristics. It seeks to create buildings that allow for a high level of comfort, while consuming low levels of energy thus, reducing the current expenses of the tenants. A Green Building aims to reduce the impact of its construction and usage on the environment in terms of energy, water, waste and materials.

The Green Building Department at Environment and Sustainability Development Ltd. specializes in accompanying projects of all types and at all levels of planning - from urban planing to the detailed planning of the buildings.

Our work is done in conjunction with the planning teams, with a thorough understanding of the design and implementation processes and with the help of the most advanced software in the world, in order to evaluate the effect of planning on the project environment and on the comfort of the tenants.

The Company has accumulated extensive experience and thorough familiarity with the processes of approvals in the authorities and certification institutes. The use of our services ensures a quick and professional procedure.

 • Green building consulting - design solutions and full accompaniment to certification for all standards - residential, office, commercial, educational, public and industrial.

 •Microclimate - wind and shadow data analysis with advanced specialized software, solutions for the protection and design of sustainable urban spaces. Thermal, physical and visual comfort in open areas.

 •Energy performance of buildings - analysis and calculations, compliance with insulation standards, Israeli and international energy standards, energy efficiency.

 •Net Zero Energy buildings - techno-economic feasibility studies, alternative energy, thermodynamic simulations and energy calculations in buildings.

•  Sustainable strategic planning - planning of areas and neighborhoods, smart cities, surveys and policy documents for sustainable urban management.

 • Urban renewal - conservation of buildings and retrofit

Green construction​