ESD is an innovative and dynamic company with a rapid growth momentum. The company specializes in environmental-green accompaniment in projects of all types and at all levels of planning - from the level of the master plan and national infrastructures to detailed planning and management of the execution of buildings and neighborhoods, roads and railroad tracks.

The company's staff is young and energetic and employs about 30 employees from various disciplines in architecture, landscape and urban planning, engineering, geology, acoustics, geography and mapping, ecology, natural resources management and marine biology. Our experts are people with considerable experience and space, making sure we give quick and efficient solutions to the urgent needs of our customers.

The service we provide to the many projects we accompany is done with a thorough understanding of the planning and implementation processes and timetables, and without losing ground in the current economic and statutory situation in which we operateAmong the company's main activities are: Green building consulting, environmental planning and management, waste management, environmental impact assessment, planning and management of urban and regional infrastructures and transportation, and planning existing strategies The company's employees advise hundreds of projects, in the public sector and in the private sector. Our clients include local authorities, the Israel Electric Corporation, Mekorot, El Al, Knesset Israel, government offices and large private companies with branches around the world.

We do our own surveys, sampling, and supervision at construction sites. Thanks to our extensive activity in many local authorities, we enjoy direct acquaintance and continuous contact with decision makers at all levels, making it easier for us to promote bureaucratic processes. The company signed dozens of projects in various destinations for the Israeli green standard 5281, including the first residential building authorized in Israel.


The company's CEO is a Green Building Accompanier among the first to be certified in Israel.