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Shmulik Lipshin

CEO and owner of the company


MBA, Tel Aviv University
  BA in Political Science and Economics, Tel Aviv University
Director of the company, expert in economic planning and consulting

Gila Schneider

Director of Environmental Planning Department


MA in Geography, specialization in Urban Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
BA in Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Environmental consulting, environmental impact surveys, environmental planning, environmental initiatives, advanced waste treatment, environmental standards and laws, environmental planning, international tenders, BOT and TK


Architect Nirit Amir

Director of the Green Building Department

MA in Architecture, Polytechnic University, Turin, Italy
Accompanying green building and certified LEED
Bioclimatic design and design. Thermal consulting and analysis of the energetic functioning of buildings, energy-constrained structures.
Management of green projects from the level of the individual structure to neighborhood planning and macroeconomics in the public sphere


Guy Peled

Director of the Environment and Infrastructure Department


MA in Environmental Resources Management, University of Haifa.
B.Sc degree in marine science and marine environment, Ruppin Academic Center.
Project management and environmental planning for large infrastructure projects and implementation supervision

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