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ESD specializes in green environmental support and professional consulting for green building and infrastructure projects across all planning levels – from the outline and national infrastructure to detailed planning and performance management of structures and neighborhoods, roads and railways.

What Makes Us Leaders?

We were here first!

The leaders of ESD are the pioneers and founders of the field of architectural consulting for green building in Israel. We drew our inspiration from the positive change brought on by international standards such as the American LEED and British BREAM, while reducing the impact of the construction industry on the environment, improving residential environmental quality and energy-saving.

Since then, we have accumulated vast experience in all areas of environmental protection, infrastructure and advanced architectural consulting for green building.

As a leading firm in the field, we are successfully and proudly responsible for the qualification of hundreds of projects, under various designations, for the Israeli Green Standard 5281, including the first certified Israeli residential building.

We have and remain actively supporting the planning and building of the county’s largest infrastructure projects including Route 6, the Jerusalem tram, Tel Aviv tram lines, etc. alongside many other outlined plans and urban building schematics around the country.

Facing the Future

We started about a decade ago as pioneers in the field, understanding that drastic steps must also be taken in Israel to improve the Earth and preserve the environment we live in.

Nowadays, as before, we are led by innovative views. We make sure to stay updated and to maintain our superiority when it comes to green building. We are constantly researching and developing new fields of sustainability and implementing them into our projects, such as glass towers influencing urban space, energy efficiency in existing structures (retrofitting), sustainable energy surveys for complexes and neighborhoods, and zero-energy buildings.

In the environmental field, we promote air quality monitoring for national projects, occupational safety and hygiene in factories and offices, international sustainability standards for infrastructure, and more.

Thanks to our broad activity with many authorities around the country, we enjoy direct and continued acquaintance with decision-makers on all levels, which helps us advance bureaucratic processes.

Our employees come from various disciplines and consult on hundreds of projects in both the public and private sectors. Among our clients are local authorities, the Israel Electric Company, Mekorot, El-Al, the Israeli Parliament, government offices and global private companies.

We are proud to offer our clients a wide framework, including in-house consultation for all fields of sustainability, tightly rooted in the daily reality of the Israeli construction industry, in order to simplify and shorten the authorization processes and save considerably on planning and execution costs.


M.A. in Sustainable Architecture, Isthmus School of Architecture, City of Knowledge, Panama.
B.Arch, Florida Atlantic University, Florida, CA, USA.
Certified green building consultant, owner of a green construction inspector certificate from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel.
Graduate of Neighborhood 3600 Course, Israeli Green Building Council and the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing.
Climate planning, green project management from single to neighborhood planning levels, and microclimate in public space.

גליה שטאנג פרוטרט

MA BioClimatical Arch

Galia Shtang-Weiss

Environment and sustainability entrepreneur.
M.BA in Business Management, Tel Aviv University
BA in Political Science and Economics, Tel Aviv University
Expert in planning and general-environmental consultation

שמוליק ליפשין מנכ"ל

Shmulik Lipshin

CEO and Owner

M.A. in Geography, majoring in Urban Studies, Jerusalem Hebrew University.
B.A. in Geography and Sociology-Anthropology, Jerusalem Hebrew University.
Over 10 years’ experience of project planning in the fields of transportation (including the MetroLine project, Haifa), supporting and managing urban and metropolitan infrastructure projects (at NTA(, managing planning projects with outlines and urban planning schematics. Environmental planning for urban and intercity infrastructure projects (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv trams, interchanges and express lanes).


Head of Infrastructures Field

Rony Lee

B.A. in Chemical Engineering.
M.A. in Environmental Engineering.
10 years’ experience in environmental planning, including permits for environmental units from many authorities, researching ground contamination, and planning advanced waste arrays and pneumatic systems as well as air quality monitoring.

רוני לוי

Roni Levy Environment engineering

Office Manager

With us from the very beginning. Deals with marketing, collection and costumer service.

ורד יאזמה

Vered Yazma

Office Manager

EHS and Environmental Planning, Antiquities.
Ph.D. in Geography, Bar- Ilan University.
M.Sc. in Urban and Region Planning, Technion Institute of Technology.
Over 10 years’ experience supporting the field of preservation with general outlines and plans, consulting government bodies and local authorities.
Two years’ experience in environmental consulting and environmental influence reviews, policy papers, outlines, environmental rules and regulations, and environmental planning.

יוסי ויטראול

Yossi Vitraul

EHS Specialist

Over 15 years of experience in Human Resources management, specializing in the fields of recruiting, training, and retaining employees.

consult with managers to improve organizational hiring guidelines, implement HR programs, and define recruitment needs.

Training and development: leading and conducting development processes to support business objectives.
Experience and knowledge in employee relations issues and labor law.
Provide support and consultation to managers and employees.


יעל ESD.jpg

Yael Grosboim

Head of Environment Field

M.A. in Geography, majoring in Urban Studies, Jerusalem Hebrew University.
B.A. in Geography, Jerusalem Hebrew University.
Over 25 years’ experience in environmental consulting, environmental effect reviews, environmental initiatives, advanced waste treatment, environmental rules and regulations, environmental planning, international bids, BOT and TK.

גילה שניידר

Head of Environment Field

Gila Schneider

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