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חברת ESD ניקוי חופים

ESD For The Community

חברת ESD ניקוי חופים

ESD is constantly working to promote the protection of marine and coastal environments by raising awareness of the importance of ocean protection and influencing decision-makers. We are active in our work, but also act in support and aid of

Our company’s teams went on a day of volunteer work, cleaning beaches and explaining their importance, and handing out and installing cleaning equipment to protect the beaches. This is all part of a Good Deeds Day in which volunteers are required to clean unclaimed beaches (beaches that are not being maintained by the authorities).

Leket Israel

Leket Israel is the only organization in Israel that collects and distribute food. The organization harvests and collects various quality food excess and distributes it through other organizations for thousands of people in need in Israel.

We at ESD have decided to aid this organization in fulfilling its vision:

“Conserving all adequate and nutritional food excess in Israel for those who need it.”

הצלת מזון
שותלים עצים

The 10th Annual Good Deeds Day, March 15th 2016.

We were fortunate to attend this amazing project called “For the Druze Boys”

The goal of this day was to promote volunteering and community engagement in Israeli society.

As a company that promotes values of social responsibility and environmental protection, we took part in this exciting project and planted trees with them, to promote partnership and sustainability.

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